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UK Satellite Broadband internet service providers such as BT Satellite. Compare the UK's best value satellite broadband deals and connect to Satellite broadband.

Satellite broadband plus the UK's best broadband deals compared - Tiscali, AOL, BT, Utility Warehouse, Pipex and more
UK Broadband internet service providers and cheap broadband access deals compared. Get connected to broadband in three easy steps. BT Broadband

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Best broadband deal - click here

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Satellite broadband deals compared

Satellite broadband access is generally seen as a last resort for people who live in remote areas and cannot receive any other form of broadband Internet. It is available throughout the UK and requires the installation of a special satellite dish.

BT satellite broadbandEditor's pick for Satellite broadband
is BT Satellite broadband

BT business broadband is highly recommended for satellite broadband installations and for their excellent ongoing support.

Satellite broadband

1. One-way satellite connection: Where you will be able to receive data (view web pages) via satellite , but can only send data (if for example you want to send an email) by using a dial-up modem through a telephone line.

2. Two-way satellite services: Where data is both sent and received through the satellite dish, are also available, although these tend to be quite expensive to install.

BT Business Broadband is available via satellite anywhere in the UK and serves areas not currently enabled for ADSL - offering download speeds up to 512kbps, upload speeds up to 128kbps. BT Business / Satellite Broadband

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Broadband newsTake advantage of free text messaging by employing your broadband internet service to send free text messages.

Broadband newsSign up for free broadband telephone calls with
Skype or Vonage.

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