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There’s nothing better on a cold rainy night that to sit at home with a rented movie. The only problem with that scenario is actually getting to the video rental place on that cold and rainy night. Some broadband movie sites have thankfully offered a solution to that problem. Now, they offer you the ability to rent online. Just view streaming video trailers. Click on the movie you want. Then the company sends you the DVD. In most cases you can have it for as long as you like and pay no late fees. Then when you’re ready to return just pop it in the mail. Usually sites like these, charge a flat monthly fee. This entitles you to a certain amount of movie rentals per month.

Broadband is helping bring late fees to a welcomed end. With the power of streaming video users can view feature length movies (on the computer) without the lengthy download process. It is because of this factor a lot of video places have set up shop on the superhighway. All you need to do is join, click & watch. Though before you cut up that movie rental card make sure the site you join is on the up and up. The best thing to do is join a place that is affiliated with a larger company you are familiar with.

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